About Axio

// Experienced

Axio Research was founded in 1979 by world-renowned epidemiologists and biostatisticians from the University of Washington. Our founders sought to create a flexible, responsive organization to facilitate their clinical trials and research. Now an independent, woman-owned business, we remain dedicated to our heritage—and committed to our clients’ success.

// Responsive

To be responsive, one must first listen and understand. That is where we start, by listening to our clients and understanding their goals and time constraints. Only then can we hope to match our capabilities to their needs. Our preferred approach is “right-to-left”: starting from the desired pharmaceutical label or relevant clinical endpoints and working back to the beginning. This enables us to tailor our approach to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective trial design and conduct with the greatest probability of success.

// Flexible

We tailor our services to accommodate clinical trials from multi-center, multi-thousand-patient Phase III pivotal trials, to single site, investigator-initiated studies. And, as those protocols change or are amended, we rapidly respond to accommodate our clients’ needs. We can accomplish this because our Project Directors are empowered to “speak for Axio.” Our Project Directors have the full resources of Axio at their disposal and the authority to use those resources in the pursuit of each client's goals.

// Committed

Axio's Project Directors and staff are committed to our clients' success. As such, we are absolutely dedicated to delivering, on clients’ timelines, high-quality data and thoughtful analysis. That is Axio's commitment.

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